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All the best of the holiday season to everyone out there
—not to mention 2002!

It’s that time of year when Weather’s so bad
     Even Fir Tree thinks of vacation,
A trip somewhere else where Palm fronds run
     Barefoot in adoration
Of Sand and Sun and Beach and fun,
     With gleeful intonation.

But hey, we have Solstice coming up
     With candles and lanterns and dancing,
And everyone who’s anyone knows
     It means our Year’s advancing,
And Sun has rolled over in some sunny place
     And turned to face the North
Where it’s cold and wild—the Canadian child
     With sleigh and skis goes forth
To make the most of what’s served up
     By rowdy Mother Nature,
And in this light the snow so white
     Takes on a different stature. (oops!)

Never mind that Wind’s blown out the power
     With Tree across the lines,
And internet disconnecteds
     Are coming up with whines,
And this new toy of shiny joy
     Will have to be shovelled later,
And not by a happy girl or boy,
     But by Pater and by Mater,
And every night doth Weather and Wind
     Come on a little stronger,
But every day now gets a boost
     Of two or three seconds longer.

And pretty soon the alder tails
     Will bravely show themselves,
Along with new green buds put there
     By busy forest elves
So, what the heck, let it storm and blow,
     We’ll take it shovelling
And then, before we know it,
     The whole thing turns to—Spring!

Yeah, Winter’s great if you can take it! Enjoy!

—Lynetta & Per

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