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All the best of the holiday season and 2003!

Through the forest and the meadow
     At the rounding of the moon
As the rustle of the trees
     Joins the singing of the stream
When the earth swings round with purpose
     Bringing notice of a change
Then the quiet face of darkness
     Turns about to see the light

With the murmur of the pebbles
     Set to chiming on the beach
Clinking one against the other
     From the steady sweep of tide
All the forest and the meadow
     And the stream which joins the sea
Know this set decree of nature
      Turns them all toward the light

As the year runs down the measure
     Of its time-allotted passage
Now again is brought the promise
     Of all things once more partaking
In the lightness and the brightness
     With the coming of the solstice
When the earth makes trade with darkness
     And returns toward the light

                                  —Lynetta & Per

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