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Holiday greetings to all our readers
—written in the spirit of the young people at Shalisa Creek Bay— with all the best wishes for 2004!

  Boat with traditional Chrustmas tree at masthead

Old Fir Tree swayed in a chilly wind
     Thinking of warm summer days.
He’d heard there were places far away
     Which always had balmy haze,
And Sun shone bright and Breeze was soft
     And all things were at play,
So he made up his mind to travel there
     And Cedar heard him say,
 “I really don’t need to be standing here
     Freezing myself to the roots,
Wrapping myself in lichen scarves
     And old duff overboots.
I’ll just pack up and leave this cold
     And head for a warmer clime.
I’ve heard of a lovely little isle
     Where sea rung pink shells chime
On sandy beaches hot with sun
     Where Winter has no time.”

But this intention, loudly made,
     Brought cries of,  “Please don’t go!
How would the rest of us get by
     In all the cold and snow?
Mouse has her house below your roots,
     Deer rests beneath for shelter
From rain and sleet and snow and blow
     And all that winter welter.
Bird needs you as a hangar safe
     For quick and easy housing,
And Squirrel won’t have his store of cones
     For midwinter carousing.
Owl needs somewhere to sit and hoot,
     Raccoons your branches spreading
For climbing up with all their young
     To use your greens for bedding.
There’ll be a gap above the rocks
     Where Snake has wintered in,
And Lichen says the south’s too hot,
     He’ll wither and grow thin.
Your top is highest of them all
     Where Raven keeps lookout
To warn us all of danger near
     With his loud warning shout.”

On hearing this, Fir Tree, surprised,
     Said he had no idea(r)
That he was so appreciated
Just by living here.
His plan was dropped, the snow came down,
     And everyone agreed
Without Fir Tree to keep them safe
     They would be lost indeed.
They said, “All winter we will make
     A happy celebration,”
Declaring they were fortunate
     In such a situation.
Fir said,  “I’ll swap the sun for fun
     In cheerful neighbouring,
And then before we know it’s here
     We all can welcome Spring!”

                          —Lynetta and Per

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