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Fog rolls in on chilly sea to rest on cliff
     While tide laps sandy shell-strewn beach
Criss-crossed with children’s foosteps.
     Quietness of rainy day lies soft across the shore
As every house and boat lights warming stove.
     Wind moves among the firs with lazy pace
Where chickadees and small bushtits
     Search busily through branch and bark.
The edges of brown meadow path
     Host kinglets with their golden crowns,
A flock of tiny seekers finding—what?

Encircling trees of Old Ones nod content
     And waterfall through misty fern-fringed pond
Falls curling down to creek’s wide surging mouth.
     Guardian of gap has folded hands,
Companion rocks lulled under rippled waves.
     The forest creatures browse and drowse
While winter loiters round the sheltered bay
     And residents ashore wait quietly
As days begin to stretch and yawn,
     Nostalgic now for spring.
It always comes—just wait.

To all our patient readers, our best wishes
for the Holiday Season,
and may the New Year of 2007 be a great one for you!

                                                         —Lynetta & Per

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