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Have a great holiday!

—Lynetta & Per

Up high's the place to view the scene
Where I can see through leafy screen
The hills and then the sea
I wonder just what's over there
And ponder if I ought to share
In that big space—

I've heard that it's a busy place
With fantasies of sights and lights
And buildings scraping sky
And everyone says they can fly
To places just for fun right now
Where there's exotic trees and things
I'll never see if I don't go
Along and keep them company—
But then

I really don't need noise and light
A lot of it is just a fright
And as for buildings tall and high
They needn't try to scrape the sky
Its clouds are out of reach and I
Know only birds and bugs can fly—
As well

There's lots of stuff right here to see
This rich green moss I'm sitting on
I'm told is very rare
It makes a nice soft cushion just
To have me sitting there
And then there's grass so fresh and sweet
For snacking on it's good to eat
My bugs are very lively too
And butterflies of every hue
For me to chase and—
Pretty birds

I'm not supposed to frighten them,
But sometimes I just can't resist
And then there's lizards snakes and frogs
And big warm rocks and crumbling logs
And as for the exotic trees
Arbutus is as fine as these
The only one this land has seen
That sheds leaves but stays evergreen—

I've travelled far while very young
And I was hungry tired and cold
And all alone and had no home
When someone opened wide their door
And said "Come in and roam no more,"—
And so

I won't go crossing land and sea
I think folks better visit me

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