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To all our readers, our best wishes for the Holiday Season,
and may the New Year of 2009 be a great one for you!

Garden Trolls

I'm known as Singing Fellow
When first I came
Up from dark Earth
Into Light and warmth of Sun
As I was set upright
Among a group of flowers
Twinbells of pink and white
Learning that from roots
Which I had seen below
Such things of green had come
My spirit deep within sang out
That now I saw the whole
Of my Earth home
Here I have been for years
With Wind and Rain and Snow
I stand singing still

- - -

I'm called Reclining Fellow

Happy in my ease
Here on this large rock
Wrapped in mossy cloak
I see the days go by
In ever changing Sky
With Trees which grow
Their tender buds of Spring
Leafing out with shade
That small plants down below
Can shelter from hot Sun
When days turn short and chill
They loose their hold and come
Tumbling and gliding down
To cover all the earth
With future sustenance
Which next year's growth will start
For those same little plants
They sheltered from the heat
As Snow comes down
With quiet rest
For all the living things
That thrust their roots
Deep down in Earth
Tiding them over winter

We two will outlast Snow
Which this year covers us
When it is gone
Still will we be here
Singing and watching
In seasons as they change
Timeless as ourselves
As now we wait for Spring

Your Author and Artist, Lynetta and Per

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