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To all our readers and friends:
a very happy holiday season and best wishes for 2011!

West Coast December

Snow visited and brought hard Frost
Our friends who’d hoped to dodge the cold
Threw in their hands to fade and fold
And left defeated by the cost

Not ready yet to follow suit
We hunkered down among the loot
Of fallen Leaf who’d quit the race
Where Moss and Rock still held their place

We sat it out for quite a while
As chance would have it we were right
Rain gave a warm wash to our plight
And Sun came bringing West Wind smile

We joined the Game with other Friends
And anted up our stacks of hope
And figured luck was with our play
So we could last another day

From pinhead start to good expanse
We worked the cards tossed to our hands
The numbers meshed we made our bid
Not ready yet to snap a lid

So here we are umbrella spread
And eagerly we'll forge ahead
We won’t quit now we’ll bid the lot
We’re pretty sure we’ll win the pot

And then we’ll have ourselves a cup
Bonne chance, Cheers, Skål, and don’t give up
Win lose or draw it’s in the Game
Mark time, slip down or find the fame

Life’s a gamble!—Have a cup anyway—It’s fun time!

Lynetta & Per

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