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"Throw the Rascals Out!"

The Village of Shalisa Creek was hosting quite a share of
Many travelling through the place, and many who lived there—at
'Throw The Rascals Out' the staff was rushing to appease the
Boist'rous, noisy gathering now sitting at their ease, and
Many were the patrons who had stories to be told of
Angry seas, and falling trees, and harrowing escapes from... and
Harassment from rules and regs and those official apes "Who
Did," said they "Go far astray in keeping law-abiders—from
Doing the same thing.

Capacity was just one word which rightly might describe the
Gathering of locals who had come there to imbibe the
Contents of the bottles and the glasses from the bar, but
Mixed among the usuals were some who'd come afar to
Stay some time with relatives—and kids and dogs, and—Aaaargh! and
Wished they hadn't, but they still had two days left to go
Before they could retreat back home and leave the hectic show, so
They had lots of angry bile requiring that they blow some
Steam off carousing.

Publican, the lady Tink, had managed to be one of
Those who felt that regs and rules should bend to happy fun, so
She was busy twisting that which said what must be so, like
Leave some space in every place for folks to come and go, which
She had done, except the space contributed to 'slow', so
Patrons in the happy place were often saying "Whoa" to
Those who seemed too busy just to take the time to wait while
Loaded trays of drink and food were brought in jug and plate, which
Prompted them to push.

Accidents will happen and, of course, right here they did, and
Patrons who received the brunt of glass and plate that slid were
Just exactly those who needed such an incident to
Give them the excuse they wanted here and now to vent, and
One, more feisty than the rest, began to shout and howl, and
Quite berate the serving maid with language, very foul, as
Startled patrons turned to see just who was making hay with
Lucy, favourite waitress who had started just that day, and—
She was annoyed.

The regulars who always came to patronise the pub knew
Better than to argue with this large and lovely sub who'd
Stepped into the place of one who'd come down with an ill, so
Now they waited breathlessly to watch what else would spill, for
Lucy didn't take the kind of trashing she was getting, a
Black belt owner with a temper made much worse by fretting from
Customer, who didn't know the language he was sounding was
Bound for repercussions, which just might involve a pounding, and
Here it came

True to form the lady named reacted prompt and swiftly, so
On his back upon the floor lay mister foul-mouthed nifty, but
Without room to give him space he bumped against a table of
Some who with our Lucy stood, and all were primed and able to
Clear the room if need be so but, those whose friend was floored did
Get upon their feet, and at the server beer was poured, which
Insult shocked the local folks with righteous anger high, and
There began a ruckus with the publicans loud cry of:
"Throw the Rascals Out!"

Well—yes indeed, the Officers descended on the place, and
Many were those cited who partook in the disgrace, but
Locals who had done the deed of moving out offenders whom
They considered culprits, of the regulation benders, did
Feel that they had every right to remedy a wrong for,
Such a sense of justice ran innate among the throng, 'twas
Felt that those who have no sense of common rule and right must
Learn the proper lesson they delivered in the fight of
People versus fools.

Thus has it been, for some long time, when people come together, that
Those who scorn and trample plain civility must weather the
Wrath of decent law-abiding citizens who need to
Know that those who would break rules must take the care to heed
They don't trespass too far along a path of arrogance to
Please themselves, in what becomes an overbearing stance, and
Start by pushing rights of those who work for good of all, or
One day they will hear the rousing parliamentary call of:
"Throw the Rascals Out!"

Lynetta & Per


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