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To all our friends and readers:
a very happy holiday season and best wishes for 2014!

fallen tree stump

There's a hole in the ground which is large and round,
  Where the edges crumble as Rain comes down.
The water pools in the deep dark space.
  Of green growing things there is not a trace.
                                                   Plant some Trees

There's an empty plain, pronounced 'restored',
  Where Wind howls wild. It has been ignored.
It is vast and bare, where Forest stood.
  It was once a place thick with living wood.
                                                   Plant some Trees

There's a rocky slope which is tumbling down
  To Beach and Sea where the creatures drown
In silt and debris as Wind and Tide
  Crash and scour, making Cliffside slide.
                                                   Plant some Trees

There's a place where cement and steel rise high
  Where one cannot see the Stars or Sky.
It is barren and cold as Snow floats down,
  Hiding the grey, hard streets of town.
                                                   Plant some Trees

There are Myths and lore and stories told
  Where green things stand in a grove, still old,
Of when Earth stood firm and the sound of singing
  Set the bright air and treetops ringing and
                                                   Nature planted Trees

There comes at last a time to heed
  The power of life in a single Seed.
The need is Water, Earth and Sun,
  Put in a seed and the work is done.
                                                   Plant a Tree!

Wishing you all clear sailing in the New Year.
                             Cheers! Lynetta and Per


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